ERP Solutions for Higher Education

What if… enterprise software was purpose-built for universities and colleges?

Boost your growth and improve Institutional effectiveness with a complete and fully integrated set of high performance management solutions: Business World ERP (Financials, Procurement, Asset Management, HR & Payroll…), Student Management, and Research Management.

In today’s continually shifting and competitive higher education landscape, institutions must deliver the right strategy for growth while improving process control and increasing levels of financial compliance. In many cases, legacy information systems make these objectives harder if not impossible to reach.

At the same time, students, faculty and staff become impatient when they need to use outdated systems as they experience a technological revolution in their personal lives. With Unit4 Student Management, you can provide them with an intuitive experience built for today’s mobile user. What once was a source of disappointment can now become a competitive advantage.

Its adaptive architecture and configurable setup make Unit4 Student Management a next-generation student information system built for change. You will lower your IT investment and system support costs, while improving the user experience for all users, faculty, staff and students.

Unit4 Education Solutions are fully integrated with Business World ERP unified finance, HR, payroll, projects and procurement systems. This is key for improving process efficiency and financial transparency, allowing viewing and analyzing data from individual departments and across the campus, from granular detail to intuitive big-picture visualizations. For reducing costs or assessing revenue-generating opportunities, you get access to real-time data across the institution including housing, facilities, and instruction.

Canadian higher education institutions have already selected Unit software solutions to improve efficiency and help them focus on growth. Get in touch with ERP Connex specialists today to know more about these powerful and flexible applications.

Unit4 people-driven approach applies to other industries:

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