Unit4 Industry Solutions

What if… enterprise software was purpose-built for service organizations?

Professional services. Empower your people with the right project and finance information so they can exceed customer expectations. Strategically, manage change so you can be responsive to customer needs and plan for future growth.

Public Sector. Unit4 Business World delivers unrivaled value to public sector organizations, without compromise. High-performance back-office capabilities include core financials, budgeting, procurement, HR and payroll. Streamline back-office functions to focus resources on quality front-office service to your constituents and stakeholders.

Higher Education. Power institutional growth and improve institutional effectiveness with a complete set of integrated solutions: Business World ERP (Financials, Procurement Management, HR and Payroll…), Student Management Systems, Research Management Systems.

Financial services. The right ERP is essential to keep financial services organizations on track for success and ensure they have access to financial and operational data to achieve high service levels and growth. For them, visibility into all areas of activity is crucial for solid decision making.

Not for Profit Organizations. Focus on what really matters. Streamline administrative processes and automate workflow to help your people focus on higher value tasks, helping others.

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