ERP Solutions for Financial/Professional Services

What if… enterprise software was purpose-built for service companies?

The growth of financial service organizations, whether organic or by merger/acquisitions, comes with many challenges. The ability to keep costs down while maintaining service levels and ensuring compliance, and navigating through increased regulations plus continual change is anything but easy. Using inflexible ERP software with limited visibility on your data will not help.

This is why Unit4 solutions have been built using the Unit4 people platform. That means prioritizing seamless integration, flexibility, capability to react to constant change as well as real-time visibility into all areas of business.

Unit4 PSA Suite is a state-of-the-art Professional Services Automation solution to help you manage your entire business: from the first client contact to invoicing and cash collection. Whether you need to grow new business win rates, to optimize resource utilization rates, to improve project tracking and increase invoice accuracy or to better predict future resource requirements, PSA suite will help you. Its integration with Microsoft Outlook and mobile apps provides your employees the user experience expected in this new digital era.

The integration with Business World ERP business applications offers a full end-to-end solution for Professional Services Organizations to improve performance based on real-time insight and enhanced visibility across all aspects of the business.

To know more about Unit4 solutions or better understand how they can help your company to improve its processes and attain its goals, get in touch with ERP Connex specialists right now.

Unit4 delivers ERP solutions targeted to the business needs of any type of service organization. Engineering companies, legal firms, architects as well as non-profits and NGOs have a new choice for enterprise software: inherently flexible applications to help them effectively manage change and deliver higher-value services. Contact us to know more.

Unit4 people-driven approach applies to other industries:

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