ERP Solutions for the Public Sector

What if… enterprise software was purpose-built for the public sector?

Unit4 Business World is a flexible and scalable enterprise software solution that provides the best value to public sector organizations, without compromise. High-performance back-office capabilities include core financials, budgeting, procurement, HR and payroll, with tools that empower your people to work their way, instead of constraining them. Streamline back-office functions to do more with less and focus resources on quality front-office service to your citizens.

Today’s public sector organizations need to do more than execute simple repetitive routine tasks. Change is the only constant they are facing and using old, inflexible ERP systems is not conducive to workplace productivity.

The flexibility inherent in Unit4 solutions translates into an easier and faster resolution to change for public sector organizations – from reorganization and shared services deployment to outsourcing and expanding scopes of responsibility.

Unit4 flexible applications are built with the public sector needs specifically in mind – for change, reorganization, in- or out-sourcing, new functional areas, new responsibilities and shared services, without costly and time-consuming systems changes. Adapt to changing conditions faster, more cost-effectively and without disruption. Intuitive tools help you do more with fewer resources, and free up your staff for higher-value tasks.

Unit4 solutions for the public sector provide visibility on all your data, with accurate, responsive reports that you can customize with the KPIs you need to account for. Measure your financial performance and compare with your budget using regular and ad-hoc reporting functionality as well as analytics tools providing real-time insight across all departments and projects.

To know which Canadian public sector organizations have selected Unit4 to improve administrative efficiency and serve citizens better, get in touch with ERP Connex specialists today. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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