ERP Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

What if your systems were specifically designed for the work needs of NPOs like you?

Non-profit organizations need applications to optimize their business operations in order to maximize the impacts related to their mission while reducing their administrative expenses.

The Unit4 solution was designed to help NPO staff be more efficient and give them access to the required information when they need it and lessen the workload associated with administrative tasks. It allows for a faster, more cost-effective response to change without disrupting operations.

To simplify administrative procedures, workflows can be automated, thus allowing employees and volunteers to focus on more important tasks.

Reports provide accurate real-time financial and resource information to meet the demands of donors and funding agencies, ensuring full internal and external transparency.

Data collection, report consultation and other functions are accessible from the browser of a desktop or laptop computer or from mobile applications that can be used in a field-based environment.

To learn more about how Unit4 can help you improve your efficiency by significantly simplifying routine administrative tasks to better achieve your mission, contact ERP Connex specialists today.

Unit 4 solutions are also very effective for other types of organizations. Contact us for more information.

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