ERP Connex - Spring 2018

Montreal, April 25, 2018

An agile ERP and autonomous clients, today’s reality!

The two issues that keep coming up in discussions with our clients are the pursuit of operational efficiency and the ability of our clients to adapt to changes in their business environment. Enterprise technologies are at the crossroads of these two concerns. They are essential in improving efficiency but, all too often, they become a barrier to change. In this context, agility becomes an important factor in selecting a new ERP system. The question is whether we can go beyond the rhetoric of marketing brochures and quantify the adaptability of business applications.

The consulting firm Eval-Source has found an original and effective method. It began with five scenarios of common changes, such as new government standards, internal restructuring or mergers/acquisitions. From these, Eval-Source developed a list of 46 changes to be implemented in ERP systems to address these needs. Finally, five software packages were assessed as to whether the required changes could be executed by users or would require the intervention of an IT team. The results show large discrepancies between the different systems, the most rigid using an IT team for 43 out of 46 cases and the most flexible using such a team for only 2 of the cases.

The words “agile ERP” and “autonomous clients” are therefore not just marketing slogans!

Of course, there are other criteria that need to be analyzed in order to choose an ERP system, and we will discuss these in future publications. If agility and autonomy are at the forefront of your concerns, contact us now to find out more or to receive a copy of the study.

Note that we will be attending the 50th COMAQ conference (Corporation des officiers municipaux agréés du Québec) from May 23 to 25 in Quebec City, where we will be more than pleased to engage in a dialogue with those of you who will also be in attendance. Please notify us of your presence by email so that we can schedule a meeting.

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Have a nice spring and see you soon!

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