News from ERP Connex - October 2017

Montreal, October 31, 2017

Fall has arrived, numerous new projects have been launched and time is flying by very quickly. Since many of you are asking us about the use of Oracle and Unit4 applications, the latest issue of the ERP Connex newsletter comes at an opportune time.

First of all, warm greetings to all of you who visited our booth at the Colloque 2017 du Réseau de l’informatique municipal du Quebec, RIMQ. We engaged in some lively discussions and were able to gauge the interest of many municipalities in the agility of Unit4 solutions as well as in their integrated business intelligence functions.

Another notable element discussed during the conference really applies to all areas of our clients’ business. I am talking about the change in the role of IT professionals. They are becoming less and less technological specialists and more and more business partners who are tackling efficiency and profitability issues. With digital transformation, they must actively contribute to the overall corporate strategy. In this context, ERP Connex experts and the specialists of our Unit4 and Oracle partners are working more closely than ever with our clients to harness technological solutions to their strategies and quantitative goals. This is part of our mission, our vision and our commitment, in short it is in the DNA of our company.

Finally, we would like to let you know about the new PSA solution (Professional Services Automation) that is integrated with Unit4 Business World to provide a comprehensive and innovative solution to all the needs of professional services firms and service divisions of other organizations. Visit the PSA Suite section of the Unit4 website or contact us for more information or for a demonstration.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful fall season and if you are reading this issue on our Website, don’t forget to subscribe to receive the next issue directly by e-mail!

The ERP Connex team
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