News from ERP Connex - August 2017

Montreal, August 31, 2017

It’s hard to believe that we are already at the fourth issue of the ERP Connex newsletter, the monthly bulletin from Oracle and Unit4 applications specialists. For some, the holidays have been over for a few weeks, but it is the end of August that always marks the official return to work.

Back to work also means budget planning and embarking upon new projects. In our discussions over the past months, simplifying the daily tasks of your employees was one of your core concerns. If technology has long been recognized as a tool for streamlining successful business practices, the latest innovations in such software will indeed help to accelerate these changes.

For example, integrating artificial intelligence techniques allows creating digital assistants capable of automating tasks of increasing complexity. Still have doubts? Well, don’t forget that the autopilot software of an aircraft takes care of 90% of its tasks while the airplane is in flight. So why can’t enterprise software assist you in the same way while you pilot your business?

To learn more, read this blog article or discover Wanda, the first digital business assistant developed by our partner Unit4.

On another note, events continue during the fall and from September 10-12, we will be at the Colloque 2017 du Réseau de l’informatique municipale du Québec, which will be held at the Estérel Resort. The theme of this conference is La transformation stratégique du rôle des TI (The strategic transformation of the role of IT). If you will be there, make sure you visit us!

Welcome back to you all and if you are reading this edition on our Website, don’t forget to subscribe to receive the next issue directly by e-mail!

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