Levio and ERP Connex join forces

Levio positions itself as a leader by acquiring two companies

Levio continues its outstanding growth of the last year by acquiring two companies: Logimethods and ERP Connex. These transactions, in addition to broadening the consulting firm's expertise in the field of information technology, bring to more than 900 the number of consultants within the firm.

Consolidate and assert its key role in IT

The addition of these new skills within Levio will allow this leader in digital transformation into new markets.

With these two acquisitions, Levio consolidates and asserts its leading role in IT. The Quebec firm is now positioned as a leading player in the field of information technology in Quebec and Canada.

ERP Connex New Web Library

ERP Connex New Web Library

Available now. The latest version of our web site includes a “Library” section allowing content downloads that include brochures, white papers or other documents related to ERP solutions.

ERP Connex - Spring 2018

An agile ERP and autonomous clients, today’s reality!

The two issues that keep coming up in discussions with our clients are the pursuit of operational efficiency and the ability of our clients to adapt to changes in their business environment. Enterprise technologies are at the crossroads of these two concerns. They are essential in improving efficiency but, all too often, they become a barrier to change. In this context, agility becomes an important factor in selecting a new ERP system. The question is whether we can go beyond the rhetoric of marketing brochures and quantify the adaptability of business applications.

The consulting firm Eval-Source has found an original and effective method. It began with five scenarios of common changes, such as new government standards, internal restructuring or mergers/acquisitions. From these, Eval-Source developed a list of 46 changes to be implemented in ERP systems to address these needs. Finally, five software packages were assessed as to whether the required changes could be executed by users or would require the intervention of an IT team. The results show large discrepancies between the different systems, the most rigid using an IT team for 43 out of 46 cases and the most flexible using such a team for only 2 of the cases.

The words “agile ERP” and “autonomous clients” are therefore not just marketing slogans!

When our neighbors’ homes are adorned with Christmas decorations, it means that yet another year is coming to an end…and it’s also a good time to take stock of what we have accomplished in 2017.

For ERP Connex, this was an exciting year in terms of our recent initiatives as well as our company’s evolution and the solutions that we offer our clients. We are growing, the team is bolstered by innovative and high-performance skills and Unit4 and Oracle business solutions continue to make steady progress.

Among the new developments, we would like to draw your attention to the progress in business intelligence modules connected in real time to company data, the first concrete artificial intelligence applications, digital business assistants that we spoke about in August and of course the Unit4 PSA solution targeted to service firms. What is even more exciting is that we are not talking about technology for geeks, but rather real business solutions that allow for productivity improvements in very routine tasks and facilitate the lives of employees on a daily basis, for example, the filling out of time sheets or expense accounts.

News from ERP Connex - October 2017

Fall has arrived, numerous new projects have been launched and time is flying by very quickly. Since many of you are asking us about the use of Oracle and Unit4 applications, the latest issue of the ERP Connex newsletter comes at an opportune time.

First of all, warm greetings to all of you who visited our booth at the Colloque 2017 du Réseau de l’informatique municipal du Quebec, RIMQ. We engaged in some lively discussions and were able to gauge the interest of many municipalities in the agility of Unit4 solutions as well as in their integrated business intelligence functions.

News from ERP Connex - August 2017

It’s hard to believe that we are already at the fourth issue of the ERP Connex newsletter, the monthly bulletin from Oracle and Unit4 applications specialists. For some, the holidays have been over for a few weeks, but it is the end of August that always marks the official return to work.

Back to work also means budget planning and embarking upon new projects. In our discussions over the past months, simplifying the daily tasks of your employees was one of your core concerns. If technology has long been recognized as a tool for streamlining successful business practices, the latest innovations in such software will indeed help to accelerate these changes.

For example, integrating artificial intelligence techniques allows creating digital assistants capable of automating tasks of increasing complexity. Still have doubts? Well, don’t forget that the autopilot software of an aircraft takes care of 90% of its tasks while the airplane is in flight. So why can’t enterprise software assist you in the same way while you pilot your business?

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